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We don’t build websites, we create high converting sales funnels that turn visitors into buyers. While most agencies focus on design we focus on sales. The amount of new business you get from your online presences is our #1 priority. Because of our vast marketing experience, there are things we can do for you that no one else can’t.
What Makes Us Different
You have a big choice to make. And the result of that choice will make the difference between success and failure for your online sales. What you don’t need is a website. What you do need is an online presence that’s designed to convert your web visitors into paying customers. So, you need to create an online presence. the question is…Who do you work with.
There are two things that make us different from every company you are going to talk to. First, we are not designers. We are marketers who understand design. Second…most agencies just build websites for businesses. We, on the other hand market and sell our own products online. I run a site where we have over 100,000 paying customers. What that means for you is we understand what it takes to make a website successful. In other words, we don’t just build a website…We are online business builders.
Our Process
The process we use is driven by sales and marketing. Most agencies are like contractors….where are more like the architect and the contractor. An architect designs a building where the contractor builds what they were told to build. Most digital agencies need you to be the architect and tell them how many pages, what colors, what text, etc. etc. The problem with this model is you are most likely not an expert in marketing or website conversion. So your website gets built, but it’s not designed to convert your visitors into buyers.
Imagine saying if only I had an 8 page website instead of a 6 page website, I would double my sales. I’m sure you see that doesn’t make sense. Yet 99% of the agencies you talk to will start there.
We start by asking you questions about your business that will drive more sales. Then we use design to achieve those goals.
The Offer
The right offer in front of the right people equals increased sales. As part of our process, we will help you position your offer properly so the value the prospect gets is so high, they will be fighting to give you their money. A good offer leads to increased conversions
Your Message
Your message is one of the most important factors that makes the difference between success and failure online. Your prospects have a problem and are looking for a solution to those problems. You have to convey the right message that turns that product into a motivated buyer. Here’s why working with an experienced true marketing agency is important. A true marketing agency understands how to get into that conversations your prospect has in their mind and helps to move that sale forward. Most design companies are designers. They don’t even know that messaging is important. So, while you do get yourself a website…Your conversions are terrible and every penny you spend on marketing is wasted.
Scaling your business
Scaling your business is the art of getting you more sales. The formula is simple. The right offer, with the right message, in front of the right people. To scale, you just find more of the right people. Although it looks simple, the process takes experience that 99% of the design people you talk to will not have.
Taking action
I can’t help you unless you help yourself. Don’t leave your business up to chance. You need someone like us who understands the balance between art and sales so we can help you create an online presence that is designed to get you more sales.
If you are ready to learn more about how we might be able to help you then click here to reach out to us so we can schedule a no obligation exploratory call. We don’t take everyone. We also need to learn about your business to make sure it’s a good fit for us also.
I you want to learn more about our process, then watch one of our free webinars how to create a highly converting web presence
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Hi my name is Ken. I am from Mystic Connecticut. I struggled for months to get my web site up. Then I met Greg and bingo… My site was live quickly and easily. Greg revealed Internet marketing secrets to me about mini sites, copywriting and how to advertise to get traffic in clear, precise and understandable language. I use his suggestions in my site and in one short weeks time, it’s converting at 1.7% and I’m just getting started. If you want to get the job done with a professional edge Greg is your man.
Ken H.
There are a couple criteria I am looking for when selecting a webmaster. I am looking for someone who understands direct response marketing. I am looking for someone whose done it themselves and actually made money on the web. And I am looking for someone reliable that I can count on and won’t cost me an arm and a leg. Greg Cesar meets all those criteria.
Yanik Silver
Hi, this is Stacey from Montréal. Working with Greg Cesar from 1st Advantage Solutions, has been absolutely mind blowing. I have worked with many internet and marketing experts. He is the first person that I have found that has broken things down for me in my Internet business step-by-step. Instead of the theoretical things, he has given me real meat, and real steps to take. Me and my partner have been going step-by-step ready to move forward with a product. We couldn’t have done it without Greg. You know, he makes you so excited. He revealed so many new things. He was so giving, my partner and I have not been able to sleep. Thank you and we appreciate your work.
Stacey H.
My name is Katherine Moody and I am in Southern California. I think of Greg as my knight in shining armor who saved me from a lot of dragons disguised as webmasters who could not deliver what they promised. Greg’s creative and patient with those of us who are beginners. He is responsive and clearly cares about his customers…best of all you get something extra when you use Greg’s service to build your mini site. You get the only webmaster I know of, and I’ve been working at this for two years, who knows Internet marketing techniques as well as web design. As well, he has given me ideas for other products I could develop. So ask your, what other internet marketing seminar has your Web designer attended. And if the answer is none, then please call Greg Cesar. All of this at the best price going. He absolutely is fabulous and I hope you have an opportunity to work with him thank you.
Katherine M.
You Are One Click Away From Changing Your Business
I can’t help you unless you help yourself. Don’t leave your business up to chance. You need someone like us who understands the balance between art and sales so we can help you create an online presence that is designed to get you more sales.
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