Your website needs to be on a server that’s connected to the internet 24 hours a day. Most business overlook the importance of a good web host and put little thought to this.
There are really cheap hosts out there. Value or budget hosts we call them. They run these massive server farms. Each server may have 3000 websites on it. Why so many sites? Well, they have to make the money somehow. 
3 Big problems with the value hosts
1. They cannot afford to provide the resources that your website needs as it grows. So as you get better with your marketing and drive more visitors to your site, you will hit a bottle neck. That bottle neck equates to slower speeds. As your site starts to slow, google will lower your rankings in their search engine. Second thing is your visitors leave your website as it starts taking longer to find what they are looking for.
2. Spammers love the value hosts. They know their sites will only be live for a few days before the hosting company finds out what they are doing and shuts them down. So if you are a spammer, are you going to pay for business class hosting or the cheapest you can get? You got it. Go cheap and repeat.
3. Whatever that spammer does, affects you. When you are on the same shared server as that spammer, you are directly affected by their actions. If they are using a spam bot or sending thousands of emails, the server with your site on will slow down. Sometimes, the server gets overloaded and goes offline for an hour at a time.. Or worse yet, if the server ip gets listed on a spam database, every site on that server gets banned. 
So here you are trying to send an important proposal to close a deal, but your emails are blocked for spamming and you are not the spammer.
So what good is a great marketing campaign when you have a horrible host. You are paying for ads but your site is down. Google and Facebook do not offer credits because your host is down.
Depending on your product or service, it might be a good idea to invest in a vps(virtual private server) or a dedicated server as you get resourced dedicated to you. But more importantly, you are not affected by other peoples actions.
Make sure you request a free web strategy consultation so we can discuss your marketing needs
Make sure you request a free web strategy consultation so we can discuss your marketing needs. Click here to request a free web strategy consultation.
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