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Before you hire a web designer

Learn the 17 most critically important things you absolutely must know and ask before paying anyone to design your website. 

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From Greg Cesar


You will learn what are the important questions you must consider before hiring a web design company.  Because we've been designing sites for the last 5 years, we know what you should be looking for. 

Rather than trying to sell you a web site, We are doing something our competitors are hating us for.  We are making your search process easier by teaching you how to make a right decision and not loose money by picking the wrong designer. 

Then we are going to give you a free web designer comparison score card.  Your web designer score card helps you easily pick the right designer by giving you a simple and easy way to keep track and grade each designer you speak to.

The process is simple...

  1. Take your time and read through every question

  2. Download your free score card located at the bottom of the next page

  3. Pick a designer and launch your site

Warning:  Not knowing the answers to these questions will cost you money, lost time, and lost sales.

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  1. Who did most of the talking?
  2. What kind of marketing experience has the firm had?
  3. How much of the discussion involved search engines?
  4. Does the firm understand the psychology of selling?
  5. Can the web site design firm help you market your business offline?
  6. Did the firm try to educate you or just sell you?
  7. What kind of programming talents are available?
  8. Is custom programming available?
  9. How often did the term “tracking” come up in your discussions?
  10. What is the designer’s attitude towards animation?
  11. Can you help me add sound to my site?
  12. Is the designer marketing or selling their own products?
  13. What about web site maintenance?
  14. What size clients has the web site design firm worked with?
  15. Are you comfortable with the web site designer?
  16. How easy is it to get started?
  17. Any Success stories?

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