Have you heard, all you need to do is build it and they will come? In the early days of the Internet this was the belief. To be honest nothing can be further from the truth. To be very successful on the Internet you need three things…a really good offer, a high converting website, and targeted traffic.

So let’s talk about traffic for just a sec. Good website traffic is nothing more than someone who lands on your website who happens to be interested in your product or service. There are many ways to find these visitors. The most popular is through search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing.

The search engines typically offered two ways to get your message in front of their searchers. One way is organically through search engine optimization. The other which we will cover here, is through PPC, Also known as Pay Per Click.

With Pay Per Click, you only pay for the visitor who lands on your website. This model is great for many reasons. First you’re only paying for guaranty visitors. Second when done right, the traffic is highly targeted because you only show your message to prospects who are looking for you.

And since it’s keyword based, we know exactly what the customer has searched on Google.
SEO is great but it can take time to achieve good rankings. With pay per click, your website ranks instantly. You can literally create a campaign at 3 PM and have traffic hitting your website by 3:30 PM. it’s that fast.
Other advantages to paper click include the ability to set your own budget buy as little or as much traffic as you can handle, the ability to scale instantly…but more importantly the ability to test each and every keyword to see which ones bring you more sales.

Having someone in your corner who understands Pay Per Click and can manage it for you will increase your sales significantly. With almost 15 years selling products and services through the Pay Per click channel, we can certainly help you with your campaigns. But first we need to understand your needs to see how we can help you.

Use the link below to register for a free 20 minute web strategy consultation. During the consultation we will determine if your product and/or service is a good fit for us to manage a Pay Per Click campaign. Take action now and register.

Make sure you request a free web strategy consultation so we can discuss your marketing needs. Click here to request a free web strategy consultation.
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