Having a mobile app puts you in control of the marketing transaction. Let me explain by first asking you a question. How did you get most of the customers you currently have? I would guess that most of them had some problems and searched for the solution you provide. They then reached out to you.
Who is in charge of that transaction? That’s right. The customer is. If that customer did not initiate that search, there would be no relationship between you and them. 
Few things have changed with consumers over the last few years that facilitates you to having a change in your marketing.
Today’s consumer is more mobile. No longer is the consumer stuck at home. They can be on the go and still take care of the things they need to take care of. Thus, they have untethered themselves and spend less time at home.
Today’s consumers are much savvier than just a few short years ago. They no longer carry phones. They carry smart phones.
The number of marketing channels has significantly increased. Fifteen years ago, there were just a handful of TV channels, Radio, and Print advertising. Today, there are hundreds of TV channels and billions of web pages so the field is much noisier and crowded.
How does an app help you solve these problems? The answer is easy!!!
A mobile app puts you in your customers pocket 24 hours a day. When was the last time you left your house without your cellphone? And if you ever did leave home without it, I bet you turned around to go get your phone.
When your customer installs your app onto their phone, you now have a direct line of communication with your custom 24 hours a day. You can update them on new products, offer discounts, ask for referrals, sell products and take reservations at the drop of a dime.
This now puts you in control of the marketing transaction. Need more appointments? Send an alert. Need more sales? Send a coupon. The alerts will popup right on their phone… and they cannot skip it without clearing the message first.
You can even use geofencing to target ideal prospects that are within a certain distance from your location.
Don’t be left behind in today’s marketing world. Speak to your customers where they are. Use technology to re-engage them and drive repeat business.
Make sure you request a free web strategy consultation so we can discuss your marketing needs.
Make sure you request a free web strategy consultation so we can discuss your marketing needs. Click here to request a free web strategy consultation.
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