HI, My name is Greg and I started this company because I saw businesses where getting the short end of the marketing stick. In the late 90’s there was an explosion of web designers coming into the market. Anyone who could get their hands on a wysiwyg editor called themselves a designer. Highschool kids were designing sites for real businesses. Today it’s no longer Front Page or Dreamweaver, it’s Wix, WordPress, or Joomla.

Let me be very clear. You don’t need a website. You don’t even need a designer. You need a marketing system. You need a way to generate leads and a process to take that lead from being a prospect into a well paying customer. In marketing we call that your funnel. Depending on some WordPress developer to be able do this for you is like hoping a remote control hobbyist can fly the next space shuttle. This will lead to frustration, lost time and definitely zero sales.

I learned a long time ago, it’s all about the marketing. Did you know certain website colors lead more of your prospects to take an action. Did you know having the right call to action on a website can make the difference between success or failure. How about where you place your call to action can turn a website from failing to raving success. This knowledge only comes from years of trial and error. So when you work with us, you have a significant advantage over all of your competitors.

Creating the right presence online requires a few steps. First is attraction. You have to know how to reach the right prospects. You can’t market peanuts to people with peanut allergies. Yes you can get thousands of them to your website but you won’t make any sales.

After attraction is conversion. The number one goal of your website is to convert that visitor into some action. That’s it. Period. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Anyone who does, does not understand marketing.

From there it’s creating loyal evangelist. You have the customer now what? You must engage that customer to maximize the lifetime value.

We will use our marketing strategies to attract new prospects for you. We will help craft your sales mage to skyrocket your conversions. Then we’ll help you with marketing automation to engage and create that loyal lifetime customer.

Because we are in high demand, we can’t just take anyone on. We are looking for clients who are serious about building their business online and are ready to take action. At the same time if we don’t feel our services are right for you and will help you, then we will respectfully decline to take you on.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you then feel free to watch a recent training, we conducted on How to create an online presence designed to create prospects into paying customer.

If you are ready now to to speak with one of our experts, then use this link to register for a free web strategy consultation

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